Why Choose ZTRC?

The Difference is Engineering! At NASA, when a spacecraft is sent to space, there is rarely an opportunity for a
do over. Thus our philosophy is to “Get it right the first time!”

We are dedicated to achieving a high level of QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE!

With ZTRC, only Certified and Experienced contractors and designers care for your project. Never will a student or amateur professional be responsible for any technical work. Get the best!

Cheap and inexperienced labor will eventually cost you more money in rework and costly downtime DECREASING your ROI.

We have experienced teams all over the country to serve you.

We provide authorized genuine products from our partner companies such as Cisco (including Meraki), Juniper, Dell, Lenovo, Netgear, Microsoft, Video-Insight, Isonas, and we are adding more partnerships to give you more access to quality products and services.

You will have the confidence that you will get the best with the full support of the best companies in the country.

In Summary
 Your project is in the care with certified and experience engineers and technician, not ONLY technicians.
 Your product or equipment is always new and direct from the manufacturer. Never remanufactured or
substitute equipment used in your installation.
 Your installation is only done by qualified professionals with full quality control. You are assured
to have complete diagrams, configuration information, and photo documentation.
 Your cable installation is structured and installed to meet or exceed code requirements
 Your design is checked for consistency.
 Your Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.