About ZTRC


Since 2002, Dr. Nigel A. Ziyad established Ziyad Technical Resource Consulting, LLC (ZTRC) from many years of experience working with fortune 500 companies and government agencies such as General Electric, IBM, Boeing, United Airlines, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. As a former NASA scientist, he wanted to create an IT company that reflected the quality and ingenuity that makes NASA great.

ZTRC has great success providing the “Right Resources” to solve any technology problem a client encounters. To do this, ZTRC establishes alliances with leading experts and consultants to troubleshoot and develop SIMPLIFIED AND RELIABLE solutions for a client no matter how complex or impossible. Now ZTRC has the potential to take any client’s requirements from concept, to design, to delivery.
The engineers at ZTRC can build your solution from the ground-up while keeping the client’s objectives in focus.

Why Choose ZTRC?

The difference is our dedication to quality and customer service! Your project is placed in the care of an organization that will be concerned about the quality of your solution and making it seamlessly working for you. We will not be satisfied until YOU are satisfied.

With experience in management, IT, and education, the level of skill is matched to your unique project. Because our success is dependent upon your success, we will pay close attention to detail and leave no stone unturned.


Born in Cleveland Ohio, Dr. Nigel A. Ziyad had dreams of becoming an engineer since the age of 7. A 6th grade teacher provided the spark to pursue private school and with her famous words ” Get It Together!” Dr. Ziyad became a student at the private school, Phillips Academy Andover, MA through the A Better Chance Program(ABC). Subsequently, he would graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell in 1985, a Master’s degree from University of Virginia in 1990, and a PhD degree from Howard University all in Electrical Engineering.

In his career, Dr. Ziyad worked with companies such as General Electric, IBM, Boeing, United Airlines, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and Motorola.

Dr. Ziyad also is noted as an experienced educator having taught at Chicago State University in the Technology and Education department of where he taught the Cisco Certified Network Engineer (CCNA) course and other course for future and current teachers seeking a Master’s Degree. He also taught Pascal Programming at Joliet Junior College.


Doctor of Philosophy — Electrical Engineering Howard University

Dissertation title: A General Approach to Signal Decomposition Using Reinforcement Learning with Custom Signal Dictionaries    Advisor: Dr. Mohamed Chouikha

Master of Engineering –Electrical Engineering  University of Virginia

Master’s Project-Network Simulation of the WM Computer on Network II.5

Bachelor of Science Degree — Electrical Engineering  Cornell University


* 2001 Black Engineer of the Year Award  Special Recognition — February 2001

* Motorola Award for Standards Participation in the IETF — 2001

* Member of Internet Engineering Task Force 2001 – SIP, SIP compression, Instant Messaging research

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